Gerir equipas remotas

Managing a remote team

Managing a remote team is, nowadays, becoming a norm. But this is not a new model. Before the pandemic we are experiencing these days, it was already applied by a good number of companies. We believe it will become, more and more, an effective and productive way to manage teams. Better time management and reduced


Sales representative or consultant?

The role of a sales representative has been regarded, throughout the years, with skepticism from some, astonishment by others and admiration by many. Let us take a starting point, not without debate: sales are an art and a science. This art has, however, evolved over time. We refer specifically to complex sales processes in a


Outsourcing sales

Outsourcing sales, individually or as a team, can have an important contribution into leveraging business growth. The timing of the decision will depend, on the one hand, on the resources you currently have and, on the other, on factors such as the business model and commercial strategy, within the business plan for 2020. Why outsourcing

Sales planning and organization

Sales planning and organization can be a critical element for your business. Planning sales activity and organization is essential in any customer driven model. Because it will allow sales representatives to be more effective and productive. Sales Reps should start by knowing what they want to achieve. Preparing an agenda and define what the priorities

Commercial Strategy

The commercial strategy must be broadly planned and certainly varies according to the business model. Before Industry 4.0 – the digital age we live in – many companies tended to focus their business efforts towards themselves. Business and sales processes were, therefore, centered on the product or service, and on how salespeople should achieve a

Sales team and social media usage

Social media usage must be enhanced by the sales team. Sales teams should maximize social media usage. In today’s world, information diffusion happens instantaneously, every moment. Social networks have changed habits and routines, as well as leisure time, reading and access to generalist information, among others. Have also opened new ways of communicating and managing

Sales strategy or customer strategy

A company’s business strategy has several key drivers. Some authors have a “product is king” principle, which is still debatable today. Should you, therefore, have a product sales strategy or a customer strategy? Probably both. Let’s consider that, as starting point, our product strategy is absolutely defined, market study done, competition, pricing, communication plan, all

Is your sales process effective?

Is your sales process helping you grow your business? Have you tested it? Know how to test and streamline your sales steps, and drive sales performance

Sales Force organization

The successful sales strategy must be based, among other things, on a solid sales force organization. This is where we focus today. A well-organized sales force will boost sales growth. Analysis Phase Before you start sales planning, you should complete a contextual analysis: what the potential market is, what kind of customers you want to