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Customer-centric business, starting with the sales team.

We support your company

Our mission is helping companies in business transformation, with focus on retaining customers and improving sales, by providing consulting services that add value for business.

Increasing your sales depends on two main axes: people and processes.
We support the definition of your commercial strategy and processes, as well as accompanying your teams in the field.
Your organization and your teams must be aligned with the customer, whatever the departments. Extend the relationship with your customer, through a follow-up process, mapping each moment of the business relationship.
We can be “your” team, working with you in sales outsourcing, or in co-sourcing, supporting the existing structure.
An outsourced sales team helps your people, speeding up sales and reducing risk.

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you..” – Patricia Fripp

Sales Outsourcing

Effective strategy with less risk

We offer you an online session
with a dedicated manager

We show you what we can do for your business or career based on extensive market experience.

Nuno Condinho
Nuno Condinho
Over a 20-year career, I have managed sales and operations teams in 3 different continents (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Flexibility and pragmatism are essential to adapt to different contexts and respect different cultures and business habits.
There are, however, common characteristics in any geography: no matter how profound the transformation, it is always the people who are at the center. In the “digital age” technology brings increased efficiency, but it is, above all, the opportunity to place the customer (truly) at the center of the organization.


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