Sales Strategy

Sales Factory works with your organization to improve sales performance and business profits. We support companies in developing their sales strategy, through detailed planning, managing, coaching and training the sales teams.

Our process starts with a detailed observation of people and processes, and then work with you in the definition of the plan, as well as accompanying the sales force on the field, analyzing the sales process, with the recommendation of corrective actions, in terms of strategy, processes, motivation, and performance overall.

Improve sales performance

In establishing an observation of every stage in the interaction, we will:

  • Improve the motivation of the sales team and retain the best
  • Increase customer sales (up-selling, share of wallet – SOW)
  • Increase sales productivity, through a better conversion of new Customers


Team monitoring and coaching

Strategy and planning

Pipeline and sales cycle management

Audit and competition analysis

Sales team outsourcing

Are you launching a new product, or starting-up business in Portugal, looking to mitigate risks?

We can help you by recruiting, building and managing a sales team on your behalf, and as part of our own structure.

Marketing and Sales Plan

Sales growth also depends on a well-designed marketing and sales plan. Price positioning? Communication and product promotion? Creation of trade organization and distribution channels? We help your brand define the best plan.

Today we are living in the digital age. Consumers and customers are becoming less and less faithful, having access to permanent information and making decisions “on a second” basis. An effective plan management is absolutely critical: is your website optimized for SEO? Will you launch new products and a new website? Is it mobile friendly?  Do you have close management of social networks, taking out, for example, the best of Linkedin, or Instagram?

Sales Factory knows that an alignment of sales and marketing is not a trend, but a necessity for B2B / B2C companies to ensure that the customer’s entire lifecycle remains uninterrupted.

We work with you to create and manage the plan, proposing and executing the actions most appropriate to your objectives.

Find more about customer-experience.

The customer experience is a fundamental axis for the success and sustainability of the business.We work with you in the analysis and development of the relationship and interaction with the customer, guiding the strategy towards customer-centric.

In a fast paced economy, organizations are forced to be flexible and adaptable, so they can quickly shift focus between growth and cost reduction. We work with you to increase efficiency and margins.

We offer you an online session
with a dedicated manager

We show you what we can do for your business based on extensive market experience.

Nuno Condinho
Nuno Condinho
Over a 20-year career, I have managed sales and operations teams in 3 different continents (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Flexibility and pragmatism are essential to adapt to different contexts and respect different cultures and business habits.
There are, however, common characteristics in any geography: no matter how profound the transformation, it is always the people who are at the center. In the “digital age” technology brings increased efficiency, but it is, above all, the opportunity to place the customer (truly) at the center of the organization.