Customer Experience

Every company’s strategy should evolve towards a customer centric approach, where Customer’s experience is the epicenter of the organization.

Business in the future will surely be dependent on a great customer’s experience and hence longer lifecycle. We help your teams to see through the eyes of the customer, improving the experience resulting from the level of contact and relationship with your company or brand.

Customer Experience takes on a priority role in today’s strategic plans and will be essential in companies’ future vision and profits. The relationship and interaction with the customer are thus critical to the success of your business.

We no longer think of a service rendered, without having determined the way it was rendered. This means understanding the experience of customers in their own perspective.

Customer-journey – Customer Centric

As previously stated, developing a lasting relationship with customers is vital to the future of a company. Marketing and sales activity exist to attract customers but mostly to improve customer’s satisfaction. It is hence, fundamental, to manage the several moments and touchpoints of the business relationship.

To know the pain points, potentially generating dissatisfaction, and to measure the level of satisfaction through the collection of feedback throughout the client’s lifecycle.

In the digital age, sales teams have the data that allows them to treat each customer in a more targeted way and according to client’s needs.

Strategic thinking should thus create a customer-centric culture, that is, be customer oriented, and companies should build a process of monitoring and controlling each moment in this business relationship. That will be decisive for the consolidation and growth of the business.

Digital Transformation

Technology and the big data, ie the use of data on behavioral and consumer patterns, allow for a more personalized and more effective relationship.

Providing an excellent experience and retaining the relationship for the future will be your biggest competitive advantage. We work with you and your teams to focus the plan on the customer, developing your customer-journey process and the action plan that will extend your relationship with the customer.


  • Implementation of customer-journey process
  • Analyzing and monitoring satisfaction KPI, through the implementation of NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Manage Customer Retention and Satisfaction Processes
  • Train the teams towards customer centricity

The customer does not only think about the service provided, but above all in the “how” we provide it, hence Sales Factory helps your company to retain your customers: longer and more satisfied.

In a fast paced economy, organizations are forced to be flexible and adaptable, so they can quickly shift focus between growth and cost reduction. We work with you to increase efficiency and margins.

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Nuno Condinho
Nuno Condinho
Over a 20-year career, I have managed sales and operations teams in 3 different continents (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Flexibility and pragmatism are essential to adapt to different contexts and respect different cultures and business habits.
There are, however, common characteristics in any geography: no matter how profound the transformation, it is always the people who are at the center. In the “digital age” technology brings increased efficiency, but it is, above all, the opportunity to place the customer (truly) at the center of the organization.