Management Consulting

We support your company in improving its operational and management efficiency, in order to increase business profitability.

Efficiency is key to an organization. An optimal definition of planning and control processes, allows management teams to focus on the objectives of the organization and, thus, the solidity and growth of business.

Maintaining an efficient cost structure, and controlled resource utilization, as well as appropriate to the business model, is the basis for a profitable and sustainable operation.

Sales Factory helps to manage your business, through diagnosis and observation of processes, defining corrective actions, to increase the operating result. We document what is working well and recommend a plan to address what is not working so well, to increase the efficiency of the operation.

Sales Factory works with you and your people, to improve internal processes, determinants for the development of the company, whether on growth plans, or business restructuring, through costs, revenues, or both.


  • Operational Analysis, Cost Reduction and Process Diagnosis
  • Organizational Analysis and Resource Optimization and Efficiency
  • Restructuring of Business
  • People training

Managing and growing your business

Does your business need management support to find new opportunities and to grow? Do you consider organic growth, an acquisition or via internationalization?

Do you need to hire for a senior management position and get the business running in the meantime?

Sales Factory helps you with Interim Management and consulting services, supporting you in running your business.

What cannot be measured, cannot be managed. Thus, we build with you a regular and periodic review of business metrics (KPIs), create Dashboard reports and analysis tools that allow you to permanently see the main management indicators.

Will hence evaluate the impact of each decision on each line of business (sales, costs, margin, EBITDA or others).

We review your current plan, implementing tactical and / or corrective actions, defining an alternative tactic, avoiding a new budget or the need for unplanned cash flow. Will set the diagnosis and work with your team.


  • Business context risk analysis
  • Organizational, Operational and Process Analysis
  • Implementation of management reports: Dashboard, Business Review, Metrics
  • Planning, Strategy and Control

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Nuno Condinho
Nuno Condinho
Over a 20-year career, I have managed sales and operations teams in 3 different continents (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Flexibility and pragmatism are essential to adapt to different contexts and respect different cultures and business habits.
There are, however, common characteristics in any geography: no matter how profound the transformation, it is always the people who are at the center. In the “digital age” technology brings increased efficiency, but it is, above all, the opportunity to place the customer (truly) at the center of the organization.